―Zarna, taking a dad joke the wrong way
"If you want to contribute to Zarna's safety and well-being, then follow the link below to donate to her fund."
―Zarna e-begging
―Zarna after attacking Rudy, even before the viral encounter
Zarna Joshi
Zarna Joshi
Name Zarna Joshi
Species Retard
Gender Female
Alignment Bad
Allies/Friends Other radical feminists/Black Lives Matter activists
Enemies Hugh Mungus, Ethan Klein, Hila Klein, Every one of those males in the patriarchy
Goals To overthrow the patriarchy (failed), ruin Hugh Mungus/Rudy's life (failed)
Other Attributes N/A
Status Alive

Zarna Joshi is a radical feminist and Black Lives Matter activist and social justice warrior. She is infamous for the 2016 video harassing Rudy Pantoja Jr. better known as Hugh Mungus for telling her a joke that she took the wrong way.

Argument with Hugh Mungus

Before the video was filmed Joshi and a group of activists had been in a debate against Pantoja earlier for the expansion of the Northern Seattle Police Department also known as "The Bunker". Pantoja was supported the expansion, coming alone. During Pantoja's time in the debate, Joshi and her activists harassed, interrupted and bullied him during his time of the debate. During Joshi's debate time she screamed into the microphone trying to play her social justice warrior role.

After the debate Joshi came up to Pantoja, demanding to know his name. Pantoja explained on his first video with Ethan that he did not want to give out his name. He instead told her his name was "Hugh Mungus" referring to his large stature. Joshi took the dad type joke as him referring to his penis. She then screamed out and cussed, calling him a sexual harasser as well as cussing at security who would not do anything to help her demanding their names as well.