―Zarna, taking a dad joke the wrong way
"If you want to contribute to Zarna's safety and well-being, then follow the link below to donate to her fund."
―Zarna e-begging
―Zarna after attacking Rudy, even before the viral encounter
Zarna Joshi
The Antichrist
Name Zarna Joshi
Species Human
Gender Female
Alignment Bad
Allies/Friends Other radical feminists/Black Lives Matter activists
Enemies Hugh Mungus, Ethan Klein, Hila Klein, Every one of those males in the patriarchy
Goals To overthrow the patriarchy (failed), ruin Hugh Mungus/Rudy's life (failed)
Other Attributes N/A
Status Alive

Zarna Joshi is a radical feminist and Black Lives Matter activist who is infamous for harassing Rudy Pantoja Jr. for telling a dad joke that she thought was a joke about his penis. (Hope she dies)

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