Guys, these are well-documented phenomenon... on fucking wikiHow!!! She just threw 3 wikiHow Pages! You gonna get up on the soapbox and get serious with the violin music and show me wikiHow?!? You don't have any better sources to quote? Wiki How to make a fucking Persuasive Video - Number One: Don't fucking quote wikiHow. WikiHow deez nuts. Oh, sorry for the crassness. Hope I didn't just rape you.
- Ethan Klein, expressing his hate for wikiHow in "The Hugh Mungus Lady Responds" video.
Name wikiHow
Species Website
Gender Website
Alignment Neutral
Allies/Friends All wikiHow User
Enemies Ethan Klein
Goals To help people to learn "How to do Anything".
Other Attributes wH (for Short)
Status Active (Since 2005)

wikiHow is a Wiki-Style Community that claims to teach People how to do, literally, "anything". It made its first Debut in the h3h3 Youtube Channel, on the Hugh Mungus Lady Responds Video. Ethan despises this website, saying that this isn't the best Source to quote from.

The Hugh Mungus Lady Responds

During the End of the very first Minute of the Reaction Video, Zarna quoted 3 wikiHow pages in her video that Ethan was reacting to, about How to avoid Assault, Rape, & Murder. Ethan pauses the video afterwards, commenting on how it was a Wrong Choice for Zarna to quote from wikiHow in her "Persuasive" Video, as there are better sources to quote from.