Species Human
Gender Male
Allies Literally nobody, not even his Crew
Status Alive
Alignment Bad
Goals Destroy Phones and make Profit
Taras Maksimuk also known as TechRax (Also know as TechRat, TechRoach or TechCunt), is a Youtuber that makes extremely dumb content, usually destroying phones, laptops and technology in multiple different ways in each video.

TechRax needs to Stop

In June 24th, 2016. TechRax uploaded a video, where he filled a Inflatable Pool full of Coke, put some ice and mentos in it and then drove a drone into it, the drone immediately stopped once it hit the coke.

In September 15th, 2016 Ethan made a video response on TechRax's Coke video, criticizing that it wasn't Diet Coke, and after some calculations, coming to the conclusion that it took roughly 17 hours to fill the pool with Coke, a complete waste of time and Coke. Taras then continues to claim stuff like "Better than a Blockbuster", "We have a big budget" and "Normal Coke works with Mentos".

Images (2)

TechRax enjoys a Coke Bath, probably jizzing in the water

In July 8th, 2016. TechRax uploads a video where he puts on a creepy Steve Jobs mask and fills a pool with Nickelodeon Green Slime (More like colored water), and drives another drone into it.

In the same video Ethan also responds to the video, saying that it's completely pointless and that he's better off burning some money and some Brazilian Florests, or destroying the Australian Coral Reef.

The Cockroach Incident

Images (3)

You're a fucked up guy, Taras Maksimuk...

In Late 2016 or Early 2017, TechRax posted a video where he pours molten aluminium into a phone in a tray, filled with cockroaches.

TechRax got alot of hate and backlash from this, with people criticizing that even if Cockroaches are creepy and weird, it's still animal cruelty, he has since removed the video from his channel, but the original video can still be found in reuploads.[1] In March 11th, 2017, Ethan responds to this video.


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