Tania "Tan" Safi
Name Tania "Tan" Safi
Species Retarded Human
Gender Female
Alignment Bad
Allies/Friends BuzzFeed
Enemies Every one of those males in the patriarchy, Ethan Klein, Hila Klein
Goals To be in a shitty feminist video, to embrace the stupidity
Other Attributes N/A
Status Alive
"To be forced to manspread really showed me how up your own ass you have to be as a person, to not be conscious of those around you."
―Tan on a barely-existent thing that men do on subways extremely rarely
"What is it between their legs that's so important?!"
―Tan, not knowing that male genitalia exists
―Tan's mother

Tania "Tan" Safi is a video producer for BuzzFeed, and appeared in BuzzFeed's awful video, "Women Try Manspreading For A Week".


BuzzFeed Hates Men

Tan's first (and so far only) appearance was in BuzzFeed Hates Men, where she was one of the three women to partake in BuzzFeed's "Women Try Manspreading For A Week". Ethan and Hila commentate on how ridiculous and unnecessary the entire video is, and how Tan's the worst out of the three women.



  • She looks like a god damn fucking transsexual
  • she doesn't know that male genitals exist because she thinks every man is man spreading when they are trying their best not to
  • She failed to mansplain and instead took up 3 seats with her legs closed just laying on the subway and called it mansplainig
  • she appears to be retarded since she chose to work for buzzfeed
  • her mother told her to CLOSE HER LEGS and she took those words very seriously and that's why she hates men that man spreading ( her mother was probably trying to tell her that she could get raped)