Tai Lopez
Name Tai Lopez
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Alignment Bad
Tai Lopez is Youtube's most Successful entrepreneur and Millionaire mentor. He is known for those annoying as fuck Youtube ads saying "Here in my garage" where he would show off his Lamborghini but then state he prefers knowledge(NAW-LEDGE) to materialistic things. He states that he's much more proud of his collection of books claiming knowledge to be the key to his success and gives the usual scammery advice given in the form of PROVEN STEPS to becoming a millionaire. He claims to be successful you must have enough fuel units (money) to live out your dreams but this is fundamentally flawed given to be a millionaire is to have a lot of money but the trick to becoming a millionaire is to have money according to Tai anyways.

Tai is historically known for proving that investing millions of dollars into Youtube advertisement can you get you quick fame as upon his investment he quickly garnered millions of views.

During the Tai Lopez conspiracy Papa Klein discovered that he was in fact lying saying that hes "Here in my backyard" when in fact the exact house was for sale in Beverly Hills. Through unethical and intense research Ethan also discovered several cleaning products hidden in the photos leading us to believe Tai doesnt wash his penis meaning he may still be living in a mobile home after all.

Tai lopezed

Ethan after being Tai Lopezed by his excessive brain numbing advertisments


Similiar to Timmy Brapston, Tai Lopez is a white guy. But unlike DJ Khaled and Matty B, two of Ethan's other enemies, Lopez is not a rapper. He is a clearly a liar given Ethan's discovery of the Tai Lopez conspiracy proving he is merely renting his Beverly Hills house which he claims is his by giving that wonderful line "Here in my backyard" and the fact that its doubtful he really owns a Lamborghini.


  • As of October 15th 2015 Papa Klein confirmed Tai as a living meme
  • He drives a Lamborghini in automatic to ones displeasure
  • He was actually the proven thief of Ethan's blue beanie as seen on the h3h3 facebook page
  • His website doesn't quite have enough bandwidth to manage vast amounts of users therefore only optimists(the weak minded) can use it.
  • He is a firm believer that most things people tell you are wrong and that 99% of adults feel like they have failed to which Jeremy(a real hero) gets sick of his shit and just slaps his headphones on.
  • He used to sleep in a mobile home with $47 in his bank account whether he had the Lamborghini at this point is unknown.

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