Tai Lopez
Name Tai Lopez
Species Human
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral, formerly Bad
Allies/Friends Jeremy (can barely be called a friend since he doesn't care at all about Tai and just puts on his headphones)
Enemies N/A
Goals Buy a new Lamborghini with money fuel units, which is fun to drive up the Hollywood Hills (but he's more proud of those 7 new bookshelves that had to get installed) (accomplished)
Other Attributes N/A
Status Alive

Tai Lopez is an investor/partner/consultant/adviser to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. He became infamous for his awful "Here in my Garage" ads which attempted to teach people about KNAWLEDGE, though in actuality he was seen by people as a millionaire hack. He became neutral when Ethan and Hila visited him in-person in We Meet Tai Lopez.


Here in My Garage with Tai Lopez


We Meet Tai Lopez

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