Spider-Man and Elsa is a infamous Youtube genre, infamous for being creepy, oddly arousing and weird (Almost as, if not, weirder than RunForTheCube).

These consist of videos of people dressed up as Disney or comic book characters (especially Elsa, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Venom and the Joker). The videos themselves consist of a silent movie of the characters jumping around and eating random shit (sometimes literally), then Joker comes and ruins the ''fun'', just for Spider-Man to come and ''do something'' to foil Joker's plan.

Possibly the weirdest thing about the videos is the thumbmail, made to be eye-catching, with a neon green, yellow or pink background, with Elsa, Spider-Man, Joker, Venom or Spider-Woman fucking around (sometimes literally, sometimes with needles).

People who make/made Spider-Man and Elsa videos

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