SoFlo Antonio
Name SoFlo Antonio
Species Human
Gender Male
Allies Satan, PrankInvasion
Status Alive
Alignment Bad
Goals To steal every video known to human kind

SoFloAntonio is a douchebag, prankster thief, who steals other people's videos and also creates original content he can be considered the be the first antagonist of h3h3. An awesome young man of Colombian roots, Antonio makes rude "prank" videos and is "loved" with a burning passion by Ethan. SoFloAntonio is also the creator of stealing content and chill. In 2015, SoFlo had a interview with ABC news and said "Gone Sexual". He was kicked out and got his ass whooped by security guards and suffered a torn ACl. SoFlo also has a criminal history of stealing content. Also likes to prey on children while eating. SoFlo is sometimes referred to as SoFull of Bullshit. Before becoming famous for doing stupid things like Kim Kardashian, he was a female pornstar and made a threesome video with Moe and Ethan Bradberry, this is how cock tv was made. He then changed his gender to a male and cut off his boobs and taped a sausage to his crotch that is hooked up to his urinary system.

After our boy E.K. produced several videos about SoFloAntonio and his sins and proclaiming him as a living meme, Antonio "called out" Ethan saying he's a hypocrite showing brief seconds of h3h3s videos saying that he also works on his shady level by stealing videos for his own gain. In the process of this though he proceeded to dig his own grave showing in his video a youtube Download video extension on his computer, further proving he steals content.


  1. Everyone else has been playing chess but Antonio has been playing checkers for years
  2. He won't lie
  3. His subcount from his channel Antonio dropped immensely from the millions to the thousands in several weeks following Ethan's assblasting and he has strangely enough never been seen on the Youtube channel SoFlo ever since

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