Sean Balogh
Sean - h3h3 vlog - Disc golf with Sean
Name Sean Balogh
Species Human
Gender Male
Alignment Good
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Status Alive
Sean Balogh was formerly part of h3h3Productions YouTube channel, and the King of Jews. Nobody knows who he really is. He passed of Super-AIDS in 2016, and now lives on Earth in his ethereal form.

No one knows why, but he is likely the creator of the sodie pop enema.


"Can't do anything in Israel without money."


  • Ethan and Sean were "avid disc golf players in California" 1
  • Sean is proclaimed to be gay. However, his whereabouts are unknown due to the fact Ethan and Hila left him back in Israel.
  • According to Ethan, Sean seems to have a horrible body odor.
  • Sean returns in The Return of Sean, proving that he survived being left to rot.
  • Ethan and Sean met when Sean was 7 years old (Ethan being only 2 at the time). Sean was adopted by Ethan's parents, thereby making them step siblings (Ethan frequently refers to Sean as his "brother"). They attended Buena High School together.
  • Sean works as an an Actuary for the Israeli provisional government in Tel Aviv. He received his Ms in actuarial sciences in June of 2006. [1]
  • Sean and Hila both share the same taste in sodie pops.
  • Sean is 5'11 according to WikiTube.
  • Sean makes and sells bamboo mouth harps, at one point having a Patreon for said project.