Zach Hadel
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Name Zach Hadel
Species Human (debatable)
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral-Good
Allies/Friends Ethan Klein, Hila Klein, Jontron, Michael Stevens, OneyNG, ChrisRaygun, Lyle McDouchebag, Ricepirate, Stamper, Spazkid, Johnny Utah, Shadman
Enemies Matt Hoss
Goals To animate videos to upload to the Internet
Other Attributes Nasally voice, has encyclopedic knowledge of Adolf Hitler
Status Alive
Zach Hadel (known online as Psychicpebbles) is a parasite an online web animator who has appeared on h3h3 videos only twice, but is a good friend of Ethan and Hila. Ethan has appeared as a guest on the second episode of Psychicpebble's podcast, Schmucks. 


Appears briefly in Blizzard Watch 2016 to comment on Ethan slipping on the ground

Appears in Playing Rick and Morty VR with Justin Roiland


  • Zach has extensive knowledge of Adolf Hitler, including his affinity for chocolate, his vegetarianism, and various quotes.
  • Ethan appeared in the second episode as the guest on Psychicpebble's podcast, Schmucks.
  • While it is never directly explained, one can assume Zach met the Kleins while working with Jontron.
  • Zach has an extremely dark sense of humor, which Ethan has stated is "Almost too much for me".
  • Zach is not fond of having his face shown, and prefers to use drawings of himself instead, which may explain his very brief appearances in h3h3 videos as well as not appearing on the H3 podcast, despite being good friends with Ethan and Hila.