Papa John
Papa john
Name Papa John
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Good
Papa John is the most famous pizza selling restaurant tycoon in the world and his food is considered to be among the finest consumables attainable in the modern world, and it easily beats Dominoes and Little Seizure for sure. During the Papa John video on h3h3 our meme lords saw a welcoming Papa John who welcomes us into his 40,000 square foot mansion to discuss his new worldwide website which not only rolls off the tongue blissfully but is simpler, easier and more engaging. He also introduces us to his son Bo who is quite unimpressive but we deal regardless for Papa's sake. Upon showing us his website he trows in a few Coca-Cola drinks which he then coined the term for them as "Sodie Pops" which has become a key part of the meme and drinking a good sodie pop has become a refreshing pastime for Ethan and Hila.


  • He actually has his hands insured for $15 million in the event of a crazed heretic of the Church of Papa John attempted to amputate wield his holy hands to gain power.
  • He lives in a 40,000 square foot mansion with a 21 car garage but he won't pay for Papa John's workers health insurance
  • To this day he doesnt know where Bo ran off with those pizzas it;s suspected he likely he ran away form home given that the responsibility and pressure of being the son of the great Papa John is insane.
  • Papa John said in a interview he dosen't like "Sodie pops". Shocking right?

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