Jonathan Aryan Jafari
Name Jonathan Aryan Jafari
Species Human
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Allies/Friends Jacques, Ethan Klein, Hila Klein, Filthy Frank, everybody in NormalBoots
Enemies N/A
Goals Warn everyone about crappy games and movies
Other Attributes N/A
Status Alive
Jonathan Aryan Jafari, also known as JonTron, is a good friend of Ethan and Hila. He has his own YouTube channel named JonTronShow, in which he reviews bad games, and is a part of NormalBoots.


Jon's tweet appeared in the Fullscreen Aftermath video on the Ethan and Hila Channel

Jon is seen walking around behind Ethan and then later seen walking with Ethan, when Ethan is explaining the Chub 'n Tuck to him in the "Guide how to Poop in a hole in Central Park" Vlog video

Jon made two major appearances in two Papa John videos. One is where Jon and Ethan share a Papa John Pizza and also surf the web and make fun of Papa Jon Pictures and another is a lost clip where Him and Ethan look up popular videos and channels.

Jon is heard laughing in ALWAYS tip the Pizza Guy, Ethan then says "You're totally in the video now, Jon." He is never seen though.

He appeared in the beginning skit of the Coby Persin reaction video BOYS EDITION, Where he came to Ethan's House to see a "cute" girl named "Jenny", Who he met on Facebook the preceding night. But it turns out to be Ethan who is about to abduct him.

He later appeared in the Blizzard Watch 2016 vlog along with psychibbles, He is seen mostly getting made teased by Zack and Ethan for his Elsa beanie. He also covers up Ethan in snow and he and Ethan created their own episode of Jackass called Jackass: The Snowball Bit, where he pushes Ethan in the snow.

Jon made an apperance in Ethan joins a 90's Boy Band, where Ethan asks Jon to join his boy band but Jon refuses stating that Ethan's new look makes him look like an Israeli carrot.


  • Out of all the guests on the show, Jon has the most subscribers with over 2 million.
  • Jon is sometimes called "Johnny Boy" by Ethan.
  • In a tweet by Ethan he is in the lineup of the Goof Troop along with Ethan Himself, Hila and FiflthyFrank, Jeff Dunham was also tagged.
  • Hila has been a executive producer on three of Jon's videos (Titanic: The Legend goes on, Food Games PART 1 and Food Games PART 2)
  • Ethan makes appearances on some of Jon's videos as well. (Food Games PART 2, Jon & Ethan Learn Kung Fu, and THE JONTRON CHALLENGE!.)
  • Jon has appeared the most out of all the guests on the show, with eight appearances in total.