The Jeff Dunnie Fuck Dolls are stuffed dolls also knows as Dunnies. These creatures are named after Jeff Dunham.


A Pink Fuck Doll appeared in Filthy Frank COTW: The Screecher and In I EAT ASS (JP101) hanging on to pink guy hinting at the relation ship with pink guy and the pink dunnie.



These stuffed beings have many different ways of naming them, which range from Dunnies to Jeffs. For $45 this luxurious fuck doll could have been yours, although now it's a luxury you can only get your hands on if you win one through a giveaway. These giveaways occur very often though (once a month or more).

  • Hand made by Hila Klein of h3h3productions
  • Includes a handmade bag for carrying your Dunnie around
  • Includes a slew of stickers and cool loot
  • Personalized name tag


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