Ian Carter
Name Ian Carter
Species Human
Gender Male
Allies Ethan, Hila, MaxMoeFoe, Filthy Frank, Fake Frank
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Goals To bust bad Content Creators

"Ian Carter" born (July 22, 1991 [age 25]) in San Antonio, Texas. Known on YouTube as iDubbbzTV or simply iDubbbz, is a YouTuber who is widely known for his Kickstarter Crap videos, and his Content Cop videos.

Content Cop

Content Cop is a series of videos made by iDubbbz, which sets out to criticize YouTubers for their horrible content. The series is comedic and brilliant, his most viral videos are his ones criticizing YouTubers LeafyIsHere, Tana Mongeau and Keemstar.

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