Rudy Pantoja Jr.
Maxresdefault (2)
Name Rudy Pantoja Jr.
Species Human
Gender Male
Allies Ethan, Hila
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Goals Win the Seattle candidacy

Hugh Mungus is a gag name based off the word “humongous,” which was uttered by a man filmed by black lives matter activist Zarna Joshi, who subsequently accused him of sexual harassment. Zarna Joshi thought "Hugh Mungus" (Rudy) was talking about his penis.

He was interviewed by Ethan in the video "Interview with Hugh Mungus".

Rudy has since acumulated over 100K dollars in GoFundMe to help cure his health problems, where he went on to have a normal life, driving his truck, doing gardening, being spot in the bus and eventually run for the Seattle Candidacy, but his name has been unfairly tucked in the bottom 3 candidates of the page.


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