"You want my name? It's..... Hugh Mungus."
―The quote that started it all
Rudy Pantoja Jr.
Hugh mungus
Name Rudy Pantoja Jr.
Species Human
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Allies/Friends Ethan Klein, Hila Klein
Enemies Zarna Joshi
Goals Win the Seattle Candidacy
Other Attributes He's hugh mungus.
Status Alive

Rudy Pantoja Jr., also known as Hugh Mungus, is a kind man filmed by radical Black Lives Matter activist/feminist Zarna Joshi, who subsequently accused him of sexual harassment, after he made a dad joke that she took the wrong way. After the incident went viral, Ethan and Hila defended him, and helped him on numerous occasions.


Crazy Feminist Gets Triggered Ft. Hugh Mungus

In the video that went viral, Ethan and Hila goof on Zarna harassing Rudy, with her repeatedly accusing him of "sexual harassment" just for saying a dad joke that was taken the wrong way, and yelled and cussed so loudly that the security guards got involved.

Interview with HUGH MUNGUS!

Ethan manages to interview Rudy, who tells the story of what happened before the incident with Zarna (which is described in even more detail down below in "New Revealing Footage of Hugh Mungus VS Zarna Debate"). Rudy also said that he wanted to talk and apologize to Zarna in-person, but Zarna obviously declined. He recommended a charity named Hope Soldiers.

The Hugh Mungus Lady Responds

Hugh Mungus Needs Our Help

$140,000 RAISED!!! Interview with Hugh Mungus

New Revealing Footage of Hugh Mungus VS Zarna Debate


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