―Tulip to Ethan several times, when she was shyer.[src]
Tulip Victoria
Name Tulip Victoria
Species Human
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Allies/Friends Ethan Klein (Husband), Sean, everybody in the Friends category
Enemies Everybody in the Antagonists category
Goals Be Ethan's loving wife (accomplished)
Other Attributes Age - 47
Status Alive

Tulip Victoria (neé Hakmon) is the co-host of the h3h3Productions YouTube channel, and the wife of internet entertainer, Ethan Klein. An artist and painter, Tulip makes and sells her art online, and her art is sometimes seen in the backgrounds of videos. It is a seldom known fact that although she was formerly known as "Hila Klein" A forensic analysis came back confirming a long believed conspiracy that "Hila Klein" Is in fact the long-lost daughter of musician Tiny Tim, Tulip Victoria. Story Developing. 

Ethan and Tulip's history

See: Ethan and Hila's history


  • Tulip is smart, loyal and Ethan appreciates that.
  • Tulip's maiden name is Khaury
  • Tulip was born on May 10, 1971
  • Tulip has reached the rank of (רב טוראי (רב"ט Rav turai (Rabat) during her conscription in Israel Defence Forces. Rank can be compared to corporal.
    • Tulip is a professional artist. She primarily works with textas and making dunnies. Her website can be found here
  • Speaking of art, Tulip went to art school when she was in Israel while she was dating Ethan. Tulip explains here that she had a weird classmate who once turned in a video of herself defecating in a toilet for an assignment. The teacher's official critique was that her asshole was "too hairy".
  • Tulip is extremely camera shy, but has made progress on battling it.
  • Tulip does not have a brother named Moses.
  • The first video Tulip was featured in was the How to Kiss reaction video. She was the camerawoman for h3h3 since the beginning, though.
  • Since Ethan and Tulip both have the power to absorb all of the memes in the universe, Tulip never blinks.
  • On January 30 2016,Tulip won the Cinematographer of the Year award for her camera work in THE DJ KHALED DOCUMENTARY, specifically for the scene where Ethan, her husband, is barely visible through a truck's door window.
  • Tulip has worked as a producer and propmaster on JonTron's YouTube videos.

Tulip left Israel and moved to America to be with Ethan even though her parents were against it.

Viewers have made many comments stating that they think Ethan and Hila are siblings.



Tulip's Art