Name Gollum
Species "Human"
Gender Male
Allies Satan, Moe and Ethan
Status Alive
Alignment Bad

Dennis taking a picture for later use.

Gollum, known as DennisCeeTV, is the literally hidden Bradberry, seen hiding under a table in the burning house prank.

Not much is know about Gollum, except that he is the 'safety crew' on the prank, acording to Ethan Klein 'better than those fire fighter boozos'.

Gollum is considerably the most mysterious of the Bradberries, since he didn't make much appearances on the pranks except for the house fire and Slamming pranks. He has recently stopped making pranks and started to make Spiderman and Elsa videos, quickly going bankrupt doing after effects.


On 12 December 2016, numerous news articles popped up surrounding Dennis. He was in critical condition after a car accident near Troy, Michigan. Dennis passed away on December 13th aged 22.

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