~Ethan Bradberry

Ethan Bradberry
Name Ethan Bradberry
Species Human
Gender "Human"
Allies Moe
Status Alive
Alignment Bad
Goals Make as much money as he can from Spider-Man & Elsa videos
Ethan Bradberry is the most malicious, demented, evil and psychotic of the Bradberries, intimidating his own brother Moe on the beach pranks, causing Ethan Klein to realize that Moe is the one Bradberry that is supporting the family and carrying the torch.

Ethan Bradberry also has appeared on OckTV and has a sick broccoli cut. Ethan Bradberry is also one of the most powerful memes that Ethan and Hila have ever seen. After the beach pranks, where Ethan Bradberry exploited girls for money, the Bradberries disappeared completely, only to resurface later, where they copied "Webs and Tiaras", getting exposed by Ethan, and disappearing again.


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