DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled's defeat
Name DJ Khaled
Species Human
Gender Male
Alignment Good
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Goals Going to the top of the charts
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Status Alive
DJ Khaled is an American of Palestinian descent DJ, with a real name Khaled Mohamed Khaled. He's a pronounced rapper/DJ/rapist and has gotten some popularity (mainly from his forced servants) for his (supposedly) #1 video Hold You Down.

Born to a human mother and father DJ Khaled came 'from the mud' and ascended to become the transcended meme, it is often said that DJ Khaled will be the last thing once the universe renews itself. It was after working on his eighth album that DJ Khaled began to change....A LOT.


  • Holding a woman down.
  • Hinge-putting (primarily on the fuckboy's hands).
  • Tsunami making.
  • His final move: Defying the laws of physics by pouring champagne from a big-ass bottle into a cup underwater.
  • Telling women they smart and loyal, rare chance of the women being a genius
  • Making women believe $25,000 is half a million
  • He can destroy any self respect simply by having a woman say his name
  • He can ride a Jet Ski, something only those with a #1 album may do
  • Pretending to eat eggwhites.
  • Getting lost at sea
  • Another one